We all know the hassle of remembering too many passwords, which is partly why Facebook created a way to use your Facebook username and password to log in to other sites. It’s called Facebook Connect, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated the system into Sportsvite.com. Now you can log in or sign up with your Facebook username and password, which means one less password for you to remember.

Look for the Blue Facebook Button

Facebook Connect ButtonTo sign up with your Facebook account, just click the blue ‘Connect with Facebook’ button at the top of the sign up page. If you already have a Sportsvite account, click the ‘Connect with Facebook’ button on the log in page or, if you’re already logged into Sportsvite, you can click the blue button on the Facebook Settings page (which is now listed under ‘Account Settings’ on your Clipboard side menu). Once you’ve clicked the Facebook button, just enter your Facebook username and password and follow the remaining few steps.

Facebook Log In Pop Up

That’s it! Now you can log in with your Facebook account on Sportsvite.com just by clicking the blue ‘Connect with Facebook’ button on our site.

Share Sportsvite Activities With Facebook Friends

In addition to making it easier to sign up and log in, Facebook Connect also makes it really easy to share your Sportsvite bulletins and status updates with all your friends on Facebook. When you first connect with your Facebook account, you’ll see a pop up window asking if you’d like Sportsvite to automatically post links to your Facebook feed when you do things like update your status or post bulletins (don’t worry, you can change this later). This way all your friends can see what you’re up to on Sportsvite. Or you can broadcast your bulletins on Facebook to find extra players, a pickup game, or whatever!

Facebook Feed Example

If you ever want to change your Facebook feed settings on Sportsvite, just visit the Facebook Settings page when you’re logged in, and edit your options there. Or you can control your settings right on facebook.com — just look for Sporstvite.com under your Application Settings.

We hope this makes using Sportsvite just a little bit easier and more useful. If you have questions, send us a note with our contact form, or ask a question in the new Bulletin Board section. Cheers!