One of the biggest changes we made to the new site is how it’s now organized around geographic regions. In order to really drill down and see things on the site, you need to pick a region you’d like to see.

Selecting a Region

This “region-oriented” setup makes a lot of sense, since the real world of recreational sports is naturally contained within geographic regions — after all, you’re not going to play in a New York City Rec League if you live in the San Francisco area (well, let’s just say it’s safe to assume that most people wouldn’t do this).

You can always tell which region you’re currently in by looking at what region name is displayed under the logo. There is also a link there to switch regions.

Also, the site URL uses a different sub-domain depending on which region you’re in. For example, the URL corresponds to the New York City region, while the URL is for San Diego. This comes in handy when accessing the site directly, or when sending links to friends.

We also wanted to make sure it’s easy to go back and forth between different regions as needed. So, we added a new slide out panel at the top of the landing pages, as shown below.

This panel displays the most recent regions you’ve visited in case you’d like to go back easily, and it provides an easy way to go back to your “home” region. The panel also lists the top regions and makes it easy to jump to other interesting areas.

Hopefully these changes make the site even easier to navigate and see what’s going on in different rec sports regions.