A few days ago, we made some major improvements to our player searching features, so it seemed like a great time to introduce you to those changes as well as show you some of the filters and sorting options that you might not be aware of. Sportsvite has some really great and powerful search tools, but if you don’t know where to find them, what good are they? Over the past few months, we’ve heard concerns from a growing number of you regarding replies to your messages and invitations. You’ve been sending notes to the community, but perhaps not hearing back as often as you’d like.

Find The Most Active Players

Part of the reason for the lack of replies is that we didn’t do a very good job of letting you know who is active and compatible with you before you try to contact them. Well, those days are over.

Find The Most Active Players

With our new player search results, you can easily see the most important information. Of course, this includes the player’s name, gender, age, and location – all the usual suspects. But in addition, you can now see two very important pieces of information. First, you can see how recently that user has been active on Sportsvite! This is long overdue, and it helps you avoid messaging users who aren’t likely to respond.

Find The Most Compatible Players

Okay, so you found some active players, but there are so many to choose from. How do you know who will be your best teammate, running partner, or fellow golfer? We give you Sportsvite Compatibility Ratings! Once you’re logged in to Sportsvite (and searching in your home region), you can sort your results by compatibility rating, or just scan to find players marked as the most compatible to you.

Finding The Most Compatible Players

A lot goes on behind the scenes in our compatibility ratings. But suffice it to say that we compare the information you enter in your sports interests to find good matches, so the more information you give us about what sports you like, how often you play them, how competitive you are, and so on, the better we can match you with like-minded and like-skilled athletes. So make sure to edit your sports interests if you want to get good results.

No matter how you sort your results, each player has two tags next to their name — one for activity and one for compatibility — so you can easily see who’s active and who you should contact. There are plenty more options for searching as well, including all kinds of filters and toggles you’ll find in the left sidebar. And for fun, you can also limit your search to only players with profile photos, and only players with recent status updates using the buttons at the top right of the search page.

We hope these changes make finding your perfect teammate or partner that much easier. And if there are any other improvements you’d like to see, let us know!