The #1 reason why people use Sportsvite is to connect with other rec players. Initially, these were strictly peer-to-peer connections, but the tide has recently turned in favor of league organizers. The recently enhanced Sportsvite Bulletin Boards have given rise to players connecting directly with league organizers to register as an individual or team for an upcoming season.

There are two ways leagues can get active on the Boards:

  1. Post a bulletin
    Need a couple more teams to join your upcoming season? Post bulletins to promote upcoming open registration periods in the ‘Leagues to Join’ category. This is your opportunity to get in front of a highly motivated group of Sportsvite members who are specifically looking to get active.
  2. Respond to a bulletin
    Sportsvite members are posting bulletins on a daily basis in an attempt to connect with other members and get active. If a member is looking to join a co-ed soccer team in your area, take the initiative and respond to her about your local league that accepts both team and individual registrations. We’ve seen a ton of connections between individuals and leagues and the best part is that everyone wins!

If it’s asking too much to check the bulletin boards on a daily basis, we created a nifty button that will allow you to set up daily alerts in less than 60 seconds. Simply navigate over to the Sportsvite Bulletin Boards and click the Get Daily Email Alerts button to get started.

Plus, you increase your league rank every time you post or respond to a bulletin. Why is league rank important? The higher your league rank, the higher you are listed on your region’s League Directory. You can access your League Rank and learn more about it by clicking on the “Promo Tools” link when logged into your league profile.

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What are you waiting for? Jump in and post a bulletin, browse the boards and get daily email alerts.