If you’re a regular organizer or user Sportsvite, you’ve probably noticed that your event pages now look quite a bit different. That’s because we just released the first in a round of updates to the Games & Events features on Sportsvite! Here’s a quick overview of the new features included in this first update.

New Event Profile

Improved Event Creation

By popular demand, we’ve added a whole host of “advanced options” for game and event organizer, allowing you to set roster requirements and alerts, specify which types of messages are sent to which players, and other personalized items like custom reply messages, and more.

Brand New Event Profiles

We’ve completely redesigned event profiles to give you some really slick new features, as well as make them cleaner and easier to use. Events now have their own message board so you can talk it up before (and after) the game, we’ve added maps, directions, and weather forecasts, and we’ve built a brand new feature so you can vote on the “MVP” for each game! Very cool stuff.

Quicker and Easier RSVPing

We’ve completely overhauled the way users RSVP to your invites, making the whole process smooth as butter. It’s a simple one-click process from either the invite email or the event profile. You can also (finally) view and RSVP for all future events on your schedule ahead of time (you used to have to wait until invites were sent out… yea, sorry about that).

Roster Controls

Your event now has it’s very own roster page with easy-to-use tools for managing who’s in and who’s out (and what position they’re playing, and whether they’re on your friend list, and… ya, you get the idea). This used to be reserved just for teams, but what the heck. We’re givers.

Again, this is the first of many updates to these features we plan to release in rapid succession so stay tuned!