We just released an updated version of The Clipboard: your personal homepage on Sportsvite. It now includes several new features to help you find what you need from the community. Our goal is to “push” you the stuff that’s relevant to you, instead of making you have to go hunt it down all the time. Here’s a look at the new page, and a breakdown some of the great new features available.

New Clipboard

Update Your Status

Just like on Facebook and Twitter, you can now update your “status” to tell the community what you’re up to. But on Sportsvite, this is meant to be your “sports status” — you tell the community if you’re in the mood to play, if you’re looking for players, etc, and we’ll get you out in front of more people in the community.

Your Compatible Player Matches

Are you looking for other people in your area who play your sports, but also have similar experience and skill? This feature automatically searches the site for you and finds your best matches, based on your sports interests.

In order for the algorithm to be able to find your matches, you need to enter at least the experience and skill level for each sport on your profile. When matched players are suggested to you, you can add them to your Players List so that you’ll have them handy when you need to pull in a sub on a future game.

Suggested Bulletins

Just so you don’t have to go hunting things down, we’re going to show you suggested bulletins that match your sports. Don’t see what you need at first? No problem, just keep hitting reload to see more and more that match your sports.

Personalized Activity Feed

This feature especially applies to you if you play on a team or two. The activity feed on your Clipboard will now show you things happening in YOUR stuff. It shows things happening on your teams, and also with people on your Players List.

These updates give you a little glimpse of where we’re going with the site. Simply put, our goal is to make it super easy to connect with others in your area and then organize your sports activities.