This morning we posted more updates to the site. Here are some highlights of what’s included in this round:

Enhancements to the Clipboard

Added new message notifications so you know when you’ve received a message or invite from other Sportsvite users.
Improved the calendar functionality so that it now shows game day event details, and links directly to the event pages.

Invite Friends to Join Sportsvite

We brought back the player invite tool, so you can easily spread the word about Sportsvite to your friends, and keep track of who signs up.

Import Email Addresses From Your Address Book

We’ve also added back the ability to send invites to people in your email address books. It’s simple and easy to import addresses from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and MSN.

Team Messaging (Fixed)

We fixed an issue where users were not able to easily access the feature to send messages to their teammates. You’ll now notice a much cleaner team sidebar menu that puts the most frequently used links at your fingertips.

Event / Game Management Tools

Also added back are a few of the event/game management tools. These include the ability to “invite more players” to a game.

Thanks as always for all the feedback and patience as we get these fixes into the site. We have a few more things on our list to complete before we move onto the next phase of site improvements. If you have any ideas on what should go into the site next, leave a comment and let us know!