One of our top goals at Sportsvite is to make it incredibly easy to organize and manage your active sports life. We’ll be releasing a bunch of updates to the site over the following weeks that will do just this. This first update focuses on your messages – namely, giving you more control over them. Here’s the scoop:

Email Preferences

Choose Your Email Preferences

You can now specify which types of messages you want to receive at your email address, and which you do not. All of your messages will always show up in your inbox on the sportsvite site. And now, you can control which of these messages also get sent to your outside email. Go to your Account Settings page to access your Email Preferences, as shown in the following screenshot:

New Inbox and Messaging

A Cleaner Inbox

We did a little cleanup to the messages inbox, and added the ability to delete multiple messages at once (sorry that was missing!). This should make it easier to check and manage your messages. Here’s what it looks like:

Other Tweaks, and More To Come

Aside from these additions, we rolled out a bunch of smaller tweaks that’ll help make the experience on the site better. Thanks for all your feedback. Also, stay tuned – we’re currently working on a number of enhancements aimed at making it easier and easier to organize and manage your sports. Expect some major improvements to the Teams and Events features, as well as some other surprises we have up our sleeves.