We made a bunch of updates to the site in response to your great feedback. Thanks for your patience in these initial days as we work through all the kinks! Here’s a quick list that highlights the changes:

Cleaned Up the “Clipboard”

This page had a little too much info and was feeling cluttered, and so we focused it on your own content – such as your schedule, teams, players, sports, etc. Check it out and let us know what you think. In the coming weeks, we’ll be making this page even better and easier to use, and we’d love your feedback.

Game & Event Organizer Controls

A couple important features were brought back so that organizers and captains can better control their game rosters. These included the “last viewed” timestamp and the “change player response” control. Let us know what others would be good to have here.

Many Little Bug Fixes

There were several little bugs that made their way onto the site when the big release went live. We’ve been working fast to get these little annoyances out of the way. We appreciate those who have sent us bug reports – this helps us quickly find and squash the issues.