Team Sportsvite has been hard at work improving much of what makes Sportsvite tick, and have been focused mainly on user experience across the board. We’ve made a lot of little changes, and a few big ones, that hopefully improve your entire Sportsvite experience.

A Whole New Sidebar

Upon browsing Sportsvite ourselves, looking for areas in which we could improve your user experience, it took no more than 5 seconds to realize the site’s sidebar navigation needed a facelift, and not just aesthetically. It needed to be reorganized, more intuitive, and more reflective of the way you use Sportsvite. So we’ve come up with what we feel is great solution and will, over time, roll out this new sidebar style to the whole site. But for now, we’ve focused on and released it to the three core areas of the site: your Clipboard, your Teams, and your Events.

The Clipboard sidebar

now organizes all your items into much more logical buckets, and gives you one-click access to everything on Sportsvite. We’ve also tucked away items into submenus rather than making you click through a few pages to get what you want. You can jump right to a particular type of inbox message, right to editing your profile, or right to any part of your Account Settings.

The Teams sidebar

is also broken down the same way, into logical sections and submenus so that you have easy access to everything in one click. We also included some common actions right in the sidebar so you can add an event to your schedule or invite players to join your team at any time — no more searching for the right page. Just click and go!

The Events sidebar

is improved in much the same way, but you’ll notice something else interesting — association with your team! We realized that Team Events felt separate from your Team itself, and have taken this step to make it easier to bounce between your individual events and your team pages. You can now easily see with which Team your event is associated, and jump right to that Team’s profile.

Riding The Bench Again

A while back, we made some edits to Team rosters to give you more control over which players receive event invitations, team emails, etc. But based on your comments, we recognize that we probably made things more complicated than they needed to be, so we’ve rolled back to the way things used to be! You once again have a “Bench” for your roster. Players on your bench are considered inactive, which simply means they do not receive event invitations by default. You can still add them to an event individually if you like, but this allows captains to keep players on their roster even if they are injured, will be out of town for a while, or any other reason they might not want to receive invitations but remain a part of the team.

Other Minor Improvements

As always, we’re continuing to improve the site in every way we can! In addition to rolling out the new sidebars across the entire site, we’re hard at work improving the overall user experience including improvements to team schedules (you can now access your event rosters right from your team schedule), and lots of other goodies. We’re also making some great improvements on the back end which should make the site a lot faster. So stay tuned sports fans. We’ll be in touch.