Well, it’s been a long time coming, but we’d like to officially introduce you to some exciting and important changes we’ve made to Sportsvite. Despite the new look, this is a lot more than just a redesign. So let’s kick the tires and see what’s new!

Most importantly, we’ve simplified things for you by reorganizing the site’s navigation into four key areas which should make your experience far more intuitive: explore, connect, organize, and you.

Navigating Sportsvite


makes it easy to browse through galleries of players, teams, games, events, and leagues in your region. Find great content, or just get a feel for what’s happening in your area.


is the home of our newly enhanced Bulletin Boards, where you can easily connect with other players, teams, and leagues in your area. More on that below.


provides a quick overview of the tools for organizing your sports, depending on your role. This includes Team Management, Game & Event Management, and promoting League Profiles.


finally have your own personal menu item (“Hey, You”), present only once you login of course. This gives you quick access to your clipboard, inbox, teams, schedule, account settings, and more.

In addition to updating the way you get around Sportsvite, there are a few other key updates you should know about.

  1. In order to get back to your clipboard (your account’s home page), click your personal tab at the top of the page, or the clipboard link in its dropdown menu. Clicking the Sportsvite logo now brings you to your local region’s homepage instead.
  2. Player Profiles are now exclusively available to Sportsvite members. Profiles used to be open to the public, but we’ve changed this as part of our effort to build an exclusive and safe community for people to connect around sports. Your privacy and comfort are our main concern.
  3. Sportsvite Bulletin Boards As mentioned above, our players (or teams) if you like, but the Bulletin Boards now offer the easiest and most targeted way to broadcast your needs to the community, and let the interested parties quickly get back to you.
  4. League Profiles have been enhanced. League managers and promoters now have enhanced tools for promoting their league announcements and activities to the community. We’ll follow up directly with league managers to elaborate on these improvements.
  5. And finally, we have officially taken a stand on browser support, and our browser policy will be published here shortly. Check it out, and make sure you’re using a browser that gives you the best possible experience on Sportsvite.
  6. As always, there are probably plenty of kinks in the armor… we’re not perfect by any means! So if you run into something that doesn’t look right, please let us know and we’ll get if fixed right away. Thanks for reading, and as always, the door is open for any and all feedback.

    Happy Holidays!